How to pick your tires?

How to select and buy tires? 

Often time it can be hard to know what type of tires to buy, and how or where to start. Follow the next steps and you are guaranteed to ensure that you buy the proper tires for the best price. 


  1. Find the tire size you have: 
    Sometimes you can check tires by the year make and model of your vehicle, however there is no better way to shop for tires than to check the size you already have, since that is most likely what fits on your car. If you are unsure of what size you properly should have check this website that has a tire calculator and allows you to find the dimensions your car has. 
  2. Identify your needs: 
    Not all tires  are created equal, and what you are looking for may vary in price and availability. Are  you looking for a performance tire? a  winter tire, an all terrain tire? All these things play an important role when buying tires. Be sure of what you want, before you start shopping around, that way you can remain focus, on finding the best deal on what you want. 
  3. Start searching for the tire. 
    Now the fun starts, this is where you will start to look for the tire that you selected, and compare perhaps prices between companies. It is verified that shopping around online is the most effective way of shopping for tires, and specially to get the most competitive price. Go to to search for tires of any size, and we'll be sure to price match and if possible price beat on comparable brands. 
  4. Find a Local Installer
    Buying your tires is only one piece of the puzzle, now you need to go to local tire retail stores to ask how much they charge to install. A typical install and balance cost for 1 tire should be approximately $25. This is not including if your tires is Mud Terrain, Run Flat or anything like that. 
  5. Completed Journey
    You have now successfully bought your tires at the most affordable price possible, and buying what you wanted specifically. Be sure to reach out to us for any questions if you still have questions about what tire to pick, or choose from, we have a customer service team that have been trained in the way of the tire, and are ready to help you when needed.