Customer Service Office
Who is The Tire Dealer? 
We are a company created by tire experts that have been in the tire and auto industry for over 25 years. We see how the internet has revolutionize every industry, but for some reason tires are still traditionally bought mostly in brick and mortar stores. We want to change that and believe that customers should have a place online where they can ask those same questions they would as on a brick and mortar tire retail store. 
How Many warehouses do we have? 
The fact is that we actually are a Las Vegas, Nevada born company, and have no physical warehouse, however we work with over 500 different warehouses around the USA, which allows us to provide fast and affordable shipping to all of our customers. No matter what part of the US you are it is very likely that we have a partnered with a warehouse near you. 
Why buy from the tire dealer? 
 Its simple when you shop with one single company you get their pricing, when you shop with you get their pricing and the pricing of other 500 different warehouses, We then help you pick the lowest price from all of those warehouse, and pretty much guarantee the best most affordable rate out there.